14 January, 2016

This blog is a personal family-friendly blog, where mother and I will be sharing about sewing pillowcase dresses for girls in need. This cause is very near and dear to us both. We are not compensated by, endorsed by, nor employed by the: Dress A Girl Around the World organization. You may visit their website for more information about their charity work and services. The dress patterns and guidelines are found on their website as well. This blog is simply a means for us to share with you about the dresses that we sew for their worthy A 501(c)(3) organization.

In December of 2017, we got a new theme (template). In the screenshot above, notice at the top left of the screen is a square black icon made of three horizontal lines (circled in lime green on the screenshot). This is called a hamburger menu. Selecting it will open this blog's left sidebar, where there are several following options, Profile page, Blog List, and some links to other sewing blogs.

Across the top, just above the posts, are several round pink icons for other following venues and social networks where I can be found. There is also an email subscription link. You are welcome to follow and comment. Thank you for visiting mother's and my new blog.