Valentine's Dress Drive 2016

Good morning. Dress A is a worthy charity that provides dresses for needy girls all over the world. We have completed sewing 20 more dresses. Mother helps by funding the postage costs, and some of the fabric & supplies. 'Want to ensure that she gets proper credit, as this cause is near and dear to both of us. These dresses brings our grand total to: 58 dresses sewn and donated. One of the dresses is pictured above. We sew for several groups that collect the dresses, and these 20 were sewn for Donna at: Brynwood Needleworks' Dressed In Joy (the name of her group). The goal is 300 dresses, and we sure hope that goal is met and exceeded. On a previous event, Donna's goal was exceeded as 200 dresses were donated. Wow! There are also 2 patterns for a darling little doll for the dress pocket. If you are looking for a way that you can help the needy, please do consider choosing this cause. Mother and I receive no compensation for this, and are not employed by the organization. As many of us say, the reward is knowing that the girls have well-constructed and modest dresses to wear.